Automatic Driver’s License Suspension for Individuals Charged With DUI

Did you know that an automatic driver’s license suspension goes into effect the minute you are arrested for DUI? The judge receives your driver’s license, who then forwards the information to the county clerk. You receive the driver’s license back upon expiration of the suspension period. The automatic driver’s license suspension is surprising to many people who may suspect that it will happen, but think they have more time, at least until their court appearance. Not the case and even more reason why it’s so important to hire a competent dui attorney fairfax va if you are charged with this crime.

Once your driver’s license is suspended for DUI, getting around to work, to the grocery store or for entertainment is difficult. You’ll depend on others to get you around or use public transportation, either of which can be stressful and cause difficulty in life. You must pay reinstatement fees and adhere to other requirements to get the license back at the end of the expiration period. The first time you are charged with DUI, the time of suspension is considerably less than for people with subsequent charges and/or convictions.

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Although a lawyer cannot change the driver’s license automatic suspension that comes after the charge, he can help you when your day in court arrives. Not only is going to court pretty scary, you may find yourself in a lot of extra trouble simply due to a lack of knowledge concerning the law. A lawyer ensures that you have a voice in court at a time when you may be perceived as guilty before your case is even heard. Lawyers help minimize the consequences of a conviction and ensure that you get the best shot at a fair trial.