Why DIY Divorce is a Bad Idea

Do it yourself divorce may seem like a good option when you see the online advertisements blaring the benefits at you. Those ads want to sell your product or service. Of course they’ll highlight the perks -and leave out the disadvantages, of which many exist in the DIY divorce sector.  Under most all circumstances, DIY divorce is a bad, bad idea.

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Generic Forms

Generic legal forms start the disadvantages of using a DIY divorce kit. While this may suffice for simple divorces, very few are actually simple enough to use these forms. Completing and filing the generic forms in court may cause you to miss important information or disadvantage to yourself.

Legal Verbiage

Unless you are a lawyer or have spent time in law school or around lawyers or those who have the verbiage contained in even the most generic DIY divorce kits is difficult to understand. Make a mistake and it can invalidate your entire divorce claim -and the money you’ve paid to file the case.

Special Court Rules

Tempe courts have rules specific to the city. Purchase a DIY it and you will miss these specific laws and regulations, which could put you in a lot of legal trouble. You should familiarize yourself with the Tampa court laws so you do things the right way. DIY kits make that task nearly impossible.

The Bottom Line

Getting a divorce is a difficult time in life but do not make bad decisions as a result. A DIY divorce may be cheaper than the cost of retaining a tampa divorce lawyer but you get what you pay for. This is one bad time to accept such a decision. Lawyers make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case. Make sure you go to court prepared with the expertise lawyer offer to the case.